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Baroque Strings

Baroque Music Elements / April 5, 2022

ArchettiHandelCentaur CRC 3368

Archetti Baroque String Ensemble was founded in 2010 by violinist Carla Moore and viola da gambist John Dornenburg to perform the rich chamber concerto repertory of the Baroque era. The collective experience and artistry of Archetti’s members creates distinctive, dynamic and historically-informed interpretations without a conductor. The ensemble’s eight-member size is perfectly matched to the eight printed part-books of string concertos by composers such as Vivaldi, Corelli, and Handel, and is also small enough for the intimacy of Bach’s harpsichord concertos. The ensemble’s name means “little bows” in Italian and alludes to the dominance of bowed stringed instruments in the Italian Baroque concerto repertory. Archetti is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, where they have been praised for their “dazzling clarity” (San Francisco Examiner Online) and “beautiful ensemble playing” (Early Music America). In 2014 Archetti’s first CD recording was released on the Centaur label, Handel and Hellendaal: Grand Concertos.

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“This was a performance of dazzling clarity…Bach at his best.”
San Francisco Examiner Online

“Beautiful ensemble playing and careful attention to dynamics.”
Early Music America

“An audience-winning performance of Italian Baroque concerti. The program highlighted the virtuosity of all the string players, and their extraordinary ability to achieve a perfect unity of attack and tone.”