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  • WordNet 3.6
  • adj baroque having elaborate symmetrical ornamentation "the building...frantically baroque"-William Dean Howells"
  • adj baroque of or relating to or characteristic of the elaborately ornamented style of architecture, art, and music popular in Europe between 1600 and 1750
  • adj Baroque of or relating to or characteristic of the elaborately ornamented style of architecture, art, and music popular in Europe between 1600 and 1750
  • n baroque elaborate and extensive ornamentation in decorative art and architecture that flourished in Europe in the 17th century
  • n Baroque the historic period from about 1600 until 1750 when the baroque style of art, architecture, and music flourished in Europe
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  • Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • baroque Odd; bizarre; corrupt and fantastic in style.
  • baroque Specifically, in architecture, applied to a style of decoration which prevailed in Europe during a great part of the eighteenth century, and may be considered to have begun toward the close of the seventeenth century. It is nearly equivalent to the Louis XV. style, and is distinguished by its clumsy forms, particularly in church architecture, and its contorted ornamentation, made up in great part of meaningless scrolls and inorganic shell-work. Also called, sometimes, the Jesuit style, from the many and remarkably ugly examples supplied by churches founded by the Jesuit order. This word is often used interchangeably with rococo; but rococo is preferably reserved for ornament of the same period, particularly in France, which, though overcharged and inorganic, still retains some beauty and artistic quality; baroque implies the presence of ugly and repellent qualities.
  • baroque Sometimes written baroco, barocco, barock.
  • n baroque An object of irregular and peculiar form, especially in ornamental art.
  • n baroque Ornament, design, etc., of the style and period called baroque. See I., 2.
  • n baroque Specifically, in music, a style of composition which abounds in extreme, irregular, or unpleasant harmonies or metrical patterns.
  • Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • adj Baroque bar-ōk′ originally a jeweller's term, but applied in art generally to extravagant ornamental designs: whimsical, odd.
  • Fr. baroque; perh. from L. verruca, wart, but referred by some to Ar. burāq, hard earth mixed with stones.

    In literature:

    Even to a Texan like myself, Arizona state politics seem rather baroque.

    "Hacker Crackdown" by Bruce Sterling

    In phrases of baroque convolution, he conveyed the message of his heart.

    "Queen Victoria" by Lytton Strachey

    A bertha of rarest Brussels lace was fastened at her neck with the amethyst pin, inlaid with gold and surrounded by baroque pearls.

    "Lavender and Old Lace" by Myrtle Reed

    And never minding the seed pearls, you've got quarts of baroques there.

    "A Son Of The Sun" by Jack London

    The overblown high Baroque style in ornament, swag, and cartouche was also drawn upon as a source for decorative cuts.

    "John Baptist Jackson" by Jacob Kainen

    In America, as in England, the baroque for things functional seemingly had little appeal.

    "Woodworking Tools 1600-1900" by Peter C. Welsh

    He was marching through a fantastic baroque desert.

    "Starman's Quest" by Robert Silverberg

    The present church is baroque in style, but contains some works of art of earlier periods.

    "Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 1" by Various

    Most of the baroques are too irregular in shape to have any special name applying to their form.

    "A Text-Book of Precious Stones for Jewelers and the Gem-Loving Public" by Frank Bertram Wade

    There, the baroques, the arabesques, the colourings gorgeous, are dead, at least inanimate; here, they palpitate with life.

    "The Book of Khalid" by Ameen Rihani

    The dial is engraved in the usual style of Bertolla's baroque design, and the hands are of pierced bronze.

    "The Borghesi Astronomical Clock in the Museum of History and Technology" by Silvio A. Bedini

    Apart from the poorer colour the baroque style of ornament also rendered the ware much inferior to that of Italy or of France.

    "Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 5, Slice 6" by Various

    The present cathedral (S. Pietro), erected in 910, is now almost entirely in the baroque style.

    "Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Slice 2" by Various

    On the left, a throne in baroque style.

    "Morituri: Three One-Act Plays" by Hermann Sudermann

    On the other hand, he also helped to bring on the Baroque.

    "A Short History of Italy" by Henry Dwight Sedgwick

    The interior was restored in the baroque style in 1712.

    "Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 10, Slice 3" by Various

    It is otherwise when a rich lady's dressing-table in baroque or rococo is decorated with such scenes.

    "The Influence of the Bible on Civilisation" by Ernst Von Dobschutz

    In phrases of baroque convolution, he delivered the message of his heart.

    The church, which is in the baroque style that it is so easy to dislike, is too florid throughout.

    "A Wanderer in Paris" by E. V. Lucas

    The building is a handsome one, in the baroque style, in the Calle de San Fernando.

    "The Story of Seville" by Walter M. Gallichan


    In poetry:

    to manage a baroque staircase, or the art
    of believing footmen don't hear
    human speech. (In adulterine castles
    our half-strong might hang their jackets

    "Thanksgiving for a Habitat" by W H Auden

    Such plainness of the pre-baroque
    Hardly involves the eye, until
    It meets his left-hand gauntlet, still
    Clasped empty in the other; and
    One sees, with a sharp tender shock,
    His hand withdrawn, holding her hand.

    "An Arundel Tomb" by Philip Larkin

    In news:

    Performers with the Mountainside Baroque rehearse for a concert Saturday at Emmanuel Episcopal Parish in Cumberland.

    Baroque-era music, as heard today, still has a yawning chronological gap in the middle.

    New York City based quintet, Freelance Whales, drop by the studio to play a great set of indie-rock with a twist of baroque pop in support of their 2012 release, "Diluvia".

    And Lo Scalco, with its minimalist Baroque setting—high arched ceiling, white ceramic chandeliers, and minions dramatically descending the open staircase toting trays of covered dishes from the kitchen—is hardly just another trattoria.

    Baroque and Georgian English Rectory.

    Boston Baroque delivers a gripping account of Haydn's Creation.

    Martin Pearlman conducts superb soloists with period ensemble Boston Baroque in Haydn's joyful oratorio.

    Singer as enchanting perpetual motion machine: hands play about the chopstick shoved through the baroque mass of her brown hair .

    P INEWOOD GREEN, ENGLAND – The board room at Pinewood Studios is disturbingly baroque.

    Jeffrey Thomas will conduct the UC Davis University Chorus when it performs choral works from three of the biggest names in Baroque music at 7 pm Friday in Jackson Hall.

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