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Angelica Center for Arts and music

Baroque Music Elements / August 29, 2022

Art Classes Available

DCA’s Music LA at the Lincoln Heights Junior Arts Center is a music education program that coordinates resources to provide students with high quality music education where few or no arts education programs exist. Music LA provides training in musical genres like mariachi, son jarocho, pow wow style drumming, jazz, traditional Korean music, and more.

The Lincoln Heights Junior Arts Center is part of the Lincoln Heights Youth Center complex, which is a renovated 2-story church building constructed in 1930 with subsequent additions built in the 1970’s. The complex houses four components: an outdoor roller hockey rink, a boxing gymnasium, a youth center, and a junior arts center; and is jointly operated by the Department of Recreation and Parks (DRP) and DCA. The complex has approximately 9, 000 square feet of space (including the outdoor hockey rink), with the Junior Arts Center occupying approximately one-third of the building. Funding for the renovation of the complex was provided through Proposition K funds.

Take a look at Lincoln Heights Youth Arts Center’s upcoming

Arts Center Office hours: Monday through Friday: 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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