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Famous Baroque Music / August 13, 2017

Today marks the anniversary of the debut of Tchaikovsky’s famous 1812 Overture

While we accept that classical music is not necessarily to everyone’s taste, a basic knowledge of it is as integral to our cultural understanding as is an appreciation for the paintings of the Old Masters, or da Vinci. Composers used a different medium, but nevertheless their work is art.

The cultural influence of classical music is massive, and if you are man who seeks self-improvement and an appreciation of the arts, then a basic knowledge of this genre is essential. But with such a vast range of “classical” music (classical is now used as an all-encompassing term to include Baroque and Romantic music as well, despite being a separate genre itself), knowing where to begin can be daunting. That’s where we come in; to provide a list of 10 masterworks that every man ought to recognize.

These classical music pieces men should know are so frequently heard in popular culture that they present an ideal opportunity for you to demonstrate some of your newfound knowledge when you are out and about. We have chosen these 10 pieces on the basis that they are some of the most popular (from a vast selection), and as such they make a useful launch-pad for wider exploration of the classical canon — a tasting menu, if you will. Bon appetit.

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