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Baroque classical music for concentration

Classical Baroque / June 23, 2017

MUSC 0550-0560 are prerequisite for a number of upper-level music courses. 0550 is offered every fall; 0560 is offered every spring.

  • MUSC 0550: Theory of Tonal Music I
  • MUSC 0560: Theory of Tonal Music II
Computer Music Foundation (3)
  • MUSC 0200: Computers and Music
  • MUSC 1200: Seminar in Electronic Music – The Recording Studio as Compositional Tool
  • MUSC 1210: Seminar in Electronic Music – Real-Time Systems
Musicology/Ethnomusicology Elective (1)

One scholarly course numbered above MUSC 0900.

Other Electives (4)

Students must take four elective courses selected in any combination from the following groups:

  • Computer Music and Multimedia courses, MUSC 1220-1290 or MUSC 2200-2290
  • Theory and composition courses, MUSC 1020-1190
  • No more than one lower-level Computer Music and Multimedia course, MUSC 0210-0230
  • No more than one art production course (eg VISA or MCM). (See the Concentration Advisor for current approved courses in this area.)
Music Theory (2)
Other Foundational Courses (2)

The two (2) courses below are required. 1900 is usually offered annually and should be taken before the senior year.

  • ANTH 0100: Cultural Anthropology – Understanding Human Societies
  • MUSC 1900: Introduction to Ethnomusicology
History (2)

Any two (2) of the three courses below are required; the third is optional.

  • MUSC 0910: Medieval and Renaissance Music
  • MUSC 0920: Baroque and Classical Music
  • MUSC 0930: Romantic and Modern Music
Electives in Ethnomusicology (4)

Four additional courses in ethnomusicology numbered 1000 or higher are required. For a list of qualifying courses see the Concentration Advisor.

Theory and Analysis (2)

Any two (2) courses in theory and analysis (MUSC 1020–1090) are required, in no particular order. At the beginning of each academic year a list of offered courses fulfilling this requirement will be provided. Examples include Modal Counterpoint, Tonal Counterpoint, Messiaen, Compositional Techniques in 19th Century Music [formerly Advanced Music Theory I], Compositional Techniques in 20 th Century Music [formerly Advanced Music Theory II], Performance and Analysis, and Seminar in Advanced Orchestration and Analysis.

Advanced Musicianship (1)

MUSC 1010-1011 are required; each is worth ½ credit. (Prerequisite: 0560) 1010 is offered every fall; 1011 is offered every spring.

  • MUSC 1010: Advanced Musicianship I
  • MUSC 1011: Advanced Musicianship II
Ethnomusicology (1)

MUSC 1900 is required. 1900 is usually offered annually and should be taken before the senior year.

Electives (3)

Three (3) upper-level courses are required (i.e. no course below MUSC 0570); 1600-level seminars are preferred. Up to two (2) full Applied Music or ensemble credits (i.e. four semesters) may be applied to the concentration requirements.